Bouldering World Cup Innsbruck - Finals 2016


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Anna Stöhr Shauna Coxsey Shaun McColl Janja Garnbret Miho Nonaka Jonwon Chon Tamoa Narasaki Rolands Rugens Dimitrii Sharafutdinov Akiyo Noguchi Sol Sa Megan Mascarenas Martin Stranik Bouldering competition innsbruck 2016 Innsbruck Psyched bouldering Glude - breath doctor vox starpower togotogotogo djan go Competition climbing IFSC boulder world cup innsbruck Boulder World cup 2016 Innsbruck bouldering 2016 innsbruck olympiahalle The 5th World Cup in Innsbruck is one of the highlights of the season for sure! This time the great event took place in Olympiahalle, which was the perfect location for a thrilling bouldering competition in front of an absolutely amazing crowd! The atmosphere couldn’t be much better! The route setting was diversified & confronted the athletes which a bunch of different problems! Local climber Anna Stöhr did her best to put on a good show, but had bad luck on W3, where she touched the tapped area on the left side unintentional! Nonetheless she fought her way to the top again, which brings her big shouting & cheering! Shauna Coxsey showed once again that she is the number one this season, leaving allstars like Akiyo Noguchi & Anna Stöhr just as youngster Janja Garnbret & Megan Mascarenas behind. The men’s field was dominated by Jongwon Chon who celebrated his first victory this season! Moreover Tomoa Narasaki proves that he is one to deal with in the future! Sean McColl did great in semis & rewards himself with the podium! Stay psyched! Music by: Glude - Breath Doctor Vox - Starpower A Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) states that the material can be shared, remixed and used commercially ( TogoTogoTogo – Djan Go

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