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james bond vr game awesome vr girlfriend vr virtual reality htc vive vive family friendly kid friendly gaming video game defector defector gameplay defector vr defector game defector virtual reality walk tha plank walk the plank vr new vr games vr games 2019 vr james bond game vr james bond funny moments james bond i expect you to die oculus rift s valve index the defector part 3 hitman vr TORTURING SOMEONE IN JAMES BOND VR MERCH - Follow Me On TWITCH - Become a WTP Patron here ~ SUBSCRIBE to become a PIRATE - WTP Let's Play Channel (GTA V Mods / The Forest ECT) - Watch Me LIVE - Follow Me On TWITCH - Support da channel for FREE here! - Today we are playing more Defector VR which is basically James Bond VR and i love TORTURING SOMEONE IN JAMES BOND VR THIS IS Defector...LEGO!! Welcome to Defector VR! As an elite operative, your undercover assignments span the globe in dramatic, high-risk settings. This is a zero-sum world where facing danger head-on is a requirement, and success favors those who embrace it. The opposition will bring their full force to bear and stop at nothing to gain an advantage. To defeat them, you and your team must use every advanced weapon, cutting-edge technology, and deceptive tactic in your arsenal. The fate of every mission will be guided by your choices. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, the next mission will test you like nothing before. Click To Subscribe And Become A Pirate! ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Join The Community! Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Twitch.TV - Business - TORTURING SOMEONE IN JAMES BOND VR Defector #defector #WalkThaPlank #VR

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