How To Grill Tomahawk Rib Eye Steaks on a Weber Grill With a BBQ Dragon Spin Grate


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BBQ Dragon Weber weber grill weber kettle grill weber charcoal grill weber grill smoking weber smokey mountain slow n sear grilled steak steak steak recipe tomahawk steak bbq steak steak on the grill Weber grill accessories Weber accessories charcoal grill charcoal smoker charcoal grill smoker For me, the definition of "fancy" is when you buy a steak that is about 70% bone, just because it looks cool. Whatever. It does look cool. It's a long, fat bone with a Rib Eye steak on the end of it. Call it a steak lolly pop. Anyway, since this particular cut is all about presentation - it's gotta be a fat-ass cut, too! Look at these monster steaks: They make that Weber 22" kettle look like a mini-hibachi on your apartment balcony. These things weigh like 15 pounds a piece. (Note: this is a lie. They weigh about 4 pounds each.) The trick - actually, the only way - to grilling these beasts is with frequent turning. If you don't turn frequently, you'll end up with uncooked centers surrounded by over-cooked exteriors. The other thing you're dealing with here is that these are fatty, fatty, Rib Eyes, and they're going to drip fat and cause flare-ups which will burn your steaks. That's where the Spin Grate from BBQ Dragon comes in real, real handy. I just spin them off the fire, turn them, and spin them back on. The Spin Grate works, and works well. It's not just some deal where you have to drag the grate around by hand - it literally spins at a touch, because it's mounted on a center bushing.j Probably the best Tomahawk steak cook on a Weber grill that has ever been done in the history of mankind. Get a Spin Grate here: Supercharge your barbecue.

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