Simulating Natural Selection


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natural selection evolution simulation competition selfish gene ecology science environment biology In this video, we avoid telling the creatures what their survival chances are and let them figure it out themselves. This is the fifth in the series on evolution. Made with Blender and python. Github: A few places to learn more about evolution and natural selection: Any intro biology text you might have access to. Special thanks to supporters on Patreon, especially: Jordan Scales Eric Helps Ben Kamens Ben Komalo Christy Serbus Sean Barker Support Primer on Patreon: Come over to the subreddit for deeper discussions of the concepts, sims, or anything else. Follow on social media for updates and new videos: - Twitter @primerlearning - Facebook: License information: Creative Commons 4.0 (CC-BY-NC). More info at Speaking of attribution: The music is "Investigations" by Kevin MacLeod, distributed under a CC-BY license via Several other inputs into the graphics are from public domain contributions to

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