Super Mario Maker 2 - All Power-Ups


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Super Mario Maker 2 Mario Maker Super Mario 3D World New Super Mario Bros New Super Mario Bros Wii Mario Luigi Peach Bowser Meowser Toadette Toad all power ups all items every power up item all bosses all bosses battles fights battle fight boss secret ending 100% Nintendo Switch 2019 2020 HD final finale boss fight boss battle boss fights boss battles last ProsafiaGaming walkthrough playthrough lets play speedrun soundtrack ost theme boss rush guide showcase This video shows all of the power-ups in Super Mario Maker 2 in all 5 play styles. The 19 items in this game are: Mushroom, Fire Flower, Superball Flower, Tanooki Leaf, Cape Leaf, Propeller Mushroom Super Bell, Yoshi, Red Yoshi Super Hammer, Big Mushroom, Goomba's Shoe, Shell Helmet, Spiked Shell Helmet, Rotten Mushroom, Dry Bones Shell, Clown Car, Fire Clown Car and the Koopa Troopa Car. ►No Commentary Gameplay by ProsafiaGaming (2019)◄

3 months ago

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